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Beginners Course
Studio Sessions

Private Tuition


1-to-1 Sessions (up to 4-to-1)

Private Pilates sessions are recommended for but not exclusive to those who are experiencing pain or difficulties with movement.

You may have been referred by your physical therapist or GP to join a Pilates class and we recommend that you attend at least four private sessions before joining a group mat class.

Sometimes it's necessary to book a further one or two private sessions as needed.

During these lessons we will give you a full postural assessment and will also assess your gait. Exercises specific to your needs will be prescribed to you as homework.

These sessions should be spaced at weekly intervals, giving you enough time to practice the exercises so that you can move on each week.

when you are ready we will advise you on the appropriate group class for your needs. alternatively you can choose to continue to attend private classes with your teacher.

Private Tuition
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