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Our Pilates Classes & Courses

We Offer

Private Mat/Reformer & Clinical Tuition.

Group Mat/Reformer & Clinical Courses.

We do not offer drop in classes.

How it works


Previous Experience

If you have previous experience either with Mat work or Reformer at our studio or elsewhere then please contact us with details of your practice so we can see which option is best for you

If you are New to Pilates

If you are a New Beginner you will need to complete

At least Four Private Sessions

or attend a

Beginners Course/Workshop

Private Sessions for Mat or Reformer 

 Private Sessions can be booked as a one off. This is useful if you simply want to try pilates or are in our classes and need more help with a specific issue.

If you are a beginner you need to book x4 of these sessions in order to learn the technique and deal with any specific issues you might have.

Once you learned the basics you are welcome to join one of our Clinical or Improver Level Mat Classes or Reformer Sessions

Beginners Courses for Mat or Reformer

We periodically set up New Beginners Courses when our schedule allows.

Please use the contact form in order to join our mailing list for these sessions.

You'll be notified via email with booking and payment information.

When completed we expect these courses to continue on at the same day and time graduating to Improver Level.

Please see below for more information

The Pilates Shed Deal

Private Sessions

Private sessions for one person cost £60 each 

Private Sessions for two persons are £70 each  

These can be either


Mat Based 



After these initial classes you can move into a group Mat or Reformer Class or continue working privately with your teacher.

The Pilates Shed Deal

Beginners Mat 



If you have no previous experience of pilates you you can sign up for our Beginners Courses 

Beginners Mat Courses run over four weeks and are £55

After your Beginners Course/Workshop you are invited to join Improver Level Mat Classes

The Pilates Shed Deal



If you have no previous experience of Reformer Pilates you will need to complete a Beginners Mat Course or attend Private Sessions or have previous Mat Based experience as understanding the basic principles of pilates is a prerequisite to working on the 


The Pilates Shed Deal

Reformer Sessions


The Reformer is a specific piece of apparatus to help you to achieve your fitness goals through the use of resistance training.

We have 5 reformers and run these bespoke classes weekly at Improver, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

If you have previous experience or are a New Beginner please use the contact form providing us with more information.

These sessions are £22 booked in blocks of 5

The Pilates Shed Deal

Group Mat Classes


If you have previous experience of pilates under professional tuition please use the Contact Form to provide us with as much information as possible.

If you are new to pilates you will need to complete either

x4 Private Sessions

or the

Beginners Course

 Ongoing Mat Classes are priced at £13.00 per class payable in blocks of 10.

The Pilates Shed Deal

Special Populations


Where there is availability and demand, we will offer special classes such as focussing on backs, hips, upper body or pregnancy pilates.

We also occasionally run longer group Beginners Clinical Courses with five members in order to address individual movement issues.

We hold regular ongoing Clinical Classes on at the studio. Admission to these requires either Private Appointment attendance or booking a Beginners Clinical Course

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