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Book your Private Sessions Online  

Private sessions can be booked by anyone and we recommend private classes if you require a more in depth assessment of your own movement difficulties.

 You can learn Reformer Pilates or Mat Based Pilates, with any of our teachers.

Usually four of these Private Sessions are sufficient for you to understand the technique correctly, giving you time to  practice in between sessions and notice the difference that pilates is making to your wellbeing.

Once you have completed x4 Private Sessions you are able to move into Group Classes

To book Private Sessions please use the online booking options below

Please Read Before Booking 

You will need to purchase and book each session separately.

We would ideally like to see you weekly so please take this into account when booking each session.

Please book the same teacher for each of these sessions in order to maintain continuity for you.

Please note that if you have more complex movement needs then you may be requested by your teacher to attend further private sessions.

If you are attending private sessions for two people then it's likely your will need more than four sessions to understand the technique well enough to move into group sessions.

The cost is £60 for one person

and £70 for two persons

Please note that Private Sessions require a 48 hour cancellation, otherwise the full fee is charged.

We are grateful for your co operation and understanding.

 You will complete a comprehensive Medical Declaration Form on arrival at the studio.

If you need any further information please use the contact form above.

Thank you

Private Bookings

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