Our Services

Private Sessions

Although these sessions can be booked by anyone we recommend private classes if you require a deeper look at your own movement difficulties. 

Usually four of these are sufficient for you to understand your body more, giving you time to  practice in between sessions and to notice the difference that pilates is making to your wellbeing.

Private sessions cost £50 each for one person and £60 per session for two participants.

After these initial classes you can move into a group Mat Class or continue working alone with your teacher.

To find out more please use the Contact form.

Group Mat Classes

If you have previous experience of pilates under professional tuition please use the Contact form to provide us with as much information as possible.

If you have no previous experience of pilates then you will be required to attend either Private Sessions, a New Beginners Course or Workshop.

Beginners Workshops are for three hours and cost £40.

New Beginners courses are for four weeks and are £50.

 Ongoing Mat Classes are priced at £12 per class payable on the first of each month.

Please use the contact form to be automatically placed on the mailing  for these courses/workshops as they become available.

We have a catch up system enabling you to make up any lost classes you may have due to holidays or sickness.

Reformer Sessions

Reformer Sessions are limited to two participants only.

Please enquire using the Contact form to find out more about these.